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boycott Procter & Gamble

P&G’s nanotechnology

Animal testing for new ‘nano’ particles

P&G are engineering ultra-tiny ‘nano’ particles that can penetrate skin and hair in ways that naturally occurring molecules don’t. The idea is to produce new types of cosmetics and hair care products, and boost P&G’s already colossal profits [1]. One likely use of nanoparticles is in P&G’s Olay skin creams. P&G are involved in cruel animal tests of nanoparticles.

A study published in Dec 2005 [2] reveals how a thousand hamsters, mice and rats were killed in a test where they were placed in sealed boxes and forced to breath in air contaminated with nanosoot particles. The idea was to see how much damage was caused to the animals’ lungs when they were clogged up with nanoparticles. The lungs of the animals given the highest doses could not cope with the soot, and their lungs were found to have doubled in weight when they were killed and dissected at the end of the test. They suffered severe and persistent lung injury, which was left untreated for several months in many cases.

Several animals died before the end of the test due to a lack of basic care, such as nine rats who were not given water. Hamsters became ill and died because they were moved into plastic cages, despite the scientists knowing that this could harm them: existing in a laboratory cage itself causes fatal stress.

Worse still, the scientists state their intention to perpetuate this kind of research, with the likely inclusion of tests using other nanoparticles. So much for P&G’s claims of trying to stop animal testing.

P&G are also involved in pushing for a massive new animal testing programme to assess how poisonous different nanoparticles are [3]. These painful and lethal tests would include inserting a needle into the animals’ windpipes, force-feeding a large dose of the material [4], and rubbing it into raw, damaged skin.


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Rat being force fed

At $7 billion a year, P&G are the world's biggest advertisers...

Mouse being injected

But we know that P&G is a Goliath waiting to be toppled, and you can help make it happen.


Uncaged 1993-2012: This is the archived website of Uncaged. All information correct at the time of archiving - November 2012.