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Uncaged Campaigning!

We have several future events pencilled in which need your support.

The UK Government is deciding NOW whether to allow the commencement of clinical trials of xenotransplantation procedures. If you have not yet sent a postcard to Frank Dobson, Secretary of State at the Department of Health, please do so quickly. Contact us for a postcard if need be.

When you write to your MP to ask them to sign EDM 233, why not send them a copy our xenotransplantaion updates and reports to keep them up-to-date with developments, and impress upon them the importance of debate about the issue before the Government considers allowing clinical trials.?

This is the address of Genzyme in the UK: Genzyme Ltd., 37 Hollands Road, Haverhill, Suffolk, CB9 8PU. Tel: 01440 703522 Fax 01440 707783 Why not contact them to inform them of your opposition to their proposals? (parent company website www.genzyme.com, email webmaster@genzyme.com)

On Saturday 24th July, Uncaged Campaigns are planning to hold an anti-xenotransplantation event . Our aim is to set a new world record for the biggest ring-a-roses. Sounds bizarre? But there is a method to our madness! Ring-a-roses is an old childrenrs nursery rhyme and dance about the devastating impact of the plague -

"Atishoo! Atishoo! We all fall down!"

The event is a novel and media-friendly way of highlighting the potential for xenotransplantation to create a new plague. We also hope to have many stalls, vegan food, and speakers at the event. The current record stands at 1,197. In order to succeed in our bid and create public awareness of the dangers of xenotransplantation, it is imperative that Uncaged Campaigns supporters participate! We'll have more details in the future - but make a date in your diary now!

We also have a London-wide street collection pencilled in for Saturday 4th September. We need as many 'tin-shakers' as possible. Drop us a line! If you wish to help in any way in any of our campaigning on this and other issues, please contact us. Many people already help out on, or do, information stalls, street collections, library displays, letter-writing, sponsored events, or have become campaign contacts for their local area.

Dan Lyons & Max Newton, Uncaged Campaigns 01.04.99

New Zealand First To Recognise Rights For Non-Humans..?

An international drive to win rights for nonhuman great apes may reap its first rewards within a few weeks. The New Zealand parliament is about to vote on a new Animal Welfare Bill which contains a clause making nonhuman great apes the first animals in the world with individual, fundamental rights to be given legal backing and protected in the courts. The rights include the right to life, the right not to suffer cruel or degrading treatment, and the right not to be subjected to all but the most benign of experiments.

"The idea is to set a precedent that other countries can follow," said David Penney, an academic biologist at a New Zealand University and supporter of the Bill. Not surprisingly though, individuals and companies involved with the exploitation of primates and other animals in experimental research are worried that this enlightened attitude may spread and thus curtail their activities. In particular, such a law would have most positive impact in the United States, where about 1700 chimpanzees are imprisoned for experimental purposes.

Dan Lyons, Uncaged Campaigns 01.04.99

Mounted Police Trample Protesters at Hillgrove

At the latest national demonstration (20.2.99) at Hillgrove Farm, the establishment that breeds cats for vivisection, mounted police charged peaceful protesters holding a sit-down protest in the field outside proprietor Christopher Brown's house. The attack occurred after protesters had circumvented police attempts to keep them at a distance from the farm.

The police injured several people, including one woman who had both her legs broken by a horse. Reports suggest that she required an operation to pin her bones back into position. The police then lied to paramedics, telling them that the woman had slipped.

Later in the day, the police assaulted protesters once more when they rode their horses into people marching towards the local town, Witney.

The next Hillgrove demonstration will be on Saturday 17th April (World day for Laboratory Animals). Meet noon outside the farm Dry Lane, Witney, Oxfordshire. Phone SAVE THE HILLGROVE CATS on 0121 632 6460 for details of coaches running from your local area, or contact UNCAGED CAMPAIGNS for details of a Sheffield coach.

Dan Lyons, Uncaged Campaigns 01.04.99

Save The Shamrock Monkeys

Shamrock Farm has forty years experience in handling imported primates, destined for certain death in research laboratories across Europe. Shamrock Farm imports primates, including wild-caught animals, from across the world, quarantines them, before sending them to the labs. It is thought that a large proportion of primates imprisoned in the UK laboratories come through Shamrock. Closing down Shamrock could have a devastating impact on primate research activity in the UK.

To mark this year's World Week for Laboratory Animals, a march will take place in Brighton on Saturday 24th April, followed by a wreath laying ceremony at Shamrock Farm, which is situated a few miles from Brighton at Small Dole, West Sussex. Meet at Preston Park (on your left as you approach Brighton on the A23) at noon. For further details, information about other demos and vigils, contact Save The Shamrock Monkeys, PO Box 3090, Brighton BN1 3QU.

Dan Lyons & Max Newton, Uncaged Campaigns 01.04.99


Uncaged 1993-2012: This is the archived website of Uncaged. All information correct at the time of archiving - November 2012.