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news release

Herbal Essences advert banned by the ASAHerbal Essences caught deceiving public over cruelty to animals

P&G have been forced to withdraw an advert for their hair care range ‘Herbal Essences’ which falsely claimed ‘we don’t test on animals’, following a complaint submitted by Uncaged to the Advertising Standards Authority. When challenged, P&G admitted the statement contradicted thousands of chemical poisoning tests that they still carry out on animals for the sake of Herbal Essences, Pantene, Olay and other beauty brands.

Below: The banned Herbal Essences advert

Banned Herbal Essences Advert

Uncaged spearhead a global consumer boycott of Procter & Gamble to persuade the company to stop conducting poisoning tests on animals for the sake of cosmetics and toiletries. An international day of action is scheduled for Saturday 14th May 2011.

Although such tests have been banned in the UK and Europe due to public opposition to unnecessary animal cruelty, the practice still continues in countries with less-advanced animal welfare regulations such as the USA and China.

This decision will give consumers some clarity over the fact that P&G continue to subject animals to repeat-dose poisoning tests for the sake of trivial products such as Herbal Essences.

However, here at Uncaged we are concerned that hundreds of thousands of people will have read this lie and thus may be unwittingly funding cruelty to animals by purchasing Herbal Essences. P&G continue to issue misleading statements about their animal testing practices, and we are asking the ASA to widen their investigation into these fraudulent claims.

Uncaged urges P&G to really stop testing on animals, instead of just trying to deceive consumers into believing they care about animal welfare. This highlights the need for animal advocates to get active on 14 May to counter P&G’s lies and empower consumers to help end animal testing.

Uncaged Campaigns 06.04.11


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