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Don’t Buy While Animals Die!

Global Boycott Procter & Gamble Day XV
May 14 2011

The battle to save thousands of animals from being repeatedly poisoned by P&G is, in many ways, a struggle for truth over corporate lies. The majority of the public say they would boycott animal-tested consumer products, giving hope for a cruelty-free future. Sadly, P&G’s response is to deceive consumers rather than respect their desire to stop animal testing. And the more successful P&G’s lies, the harder it is to force them to stop poisoning animals with cosmetics ingredients.

Boycott P&G Day Cambridge

That’s why it’s so vital to get out and inform the public that if they buy P&G products, then they are actually paying for systematic cruelty to animals. Once again, on this year’s Global Boycott P&G Day, animal advocates have united to put the record straight and empower the public to shun P&G’s cruel products.

Boycott P&G Day Sheffield

These are the reports we’ve received from the UK

Sarah in Cardiff: “Saturday went so well here in Cardiff. It was great and we had a really positive response overall. We just had a simple stall but did go out into the street and ask people to sign and made sure they understood what they were signing. We also planted leaflets on the Herbal Essences and other P and G sections in Boots. We filled 3 petitions front and back and ran out of leaflets etc. The materials you sent were great and really worked. We were so glad we got involved and plan to make the Cardiff one much bigger next year, we are actors so keen to use our skills next time.”

Boycott P&G Day Glasgow

Jan from Passive Pressure in Bromley, Kent: “We had a good positive day. As usual, consumers were horrified to find they had been funding P&G’s cruelty and were keen to learn of cruelty-free alternatives.”

Boycott P&G Day Bromley

Boycott P&G Day Torquay
Cathy in Torquay: “We held a special awareness day in Torquay in South Devon where the locals were astonished to learn the 'dirty truth' behind Procter & Gamble and many people promised to boycott them and send off the special postcards to voice their disgust. Special thanks to Animal Voices (Torquay) i.e: Yvette, Sheila, Christina, Anne and Collette and not forgetting Diana who laminated the posters for us.”

Rita, Vickie and Simone from Enfield: “Our leafleting session in Enfield went well today - we distributed all our leaflets within about 2 hours, and the generous quantity of Lush soap samples which Simone organised with you went down really well. It was a positive and uplifting time.”

Boycott P&G Day Loughborough
Lisa in Northampton: “I went to Boots and found the Herbal Essences bit. I put some of the postcards in and around the bottles... then I went outside the store and handed out leaflets to as many people as I could who were going into or coming out of Boots and also to passersby”.

Varda from Ethical Voice for Animals in Edinburgh: “We were out on the streets for the international day of action to boycott Procter and Gamble products. We stood with banners, posters, handed out leaflets and held a good stall - lots of pledges to boycott the products. Often folk are shocked to hear about the brutal test on animals, and it was no different on Saturday.”


Boycott P&G Day Glasgow
Joyce of Clydeside Animal Action in Glasgow: “As always with P&G we had an excellent public response, many people being shocked about Herbal Essences’ animal testing.”

Joanna in Blackpool: “I think it went well considering it was my first go! I placed a basket full of P&G products (Fairy, Ariel, Herbal Essences and Iams ) below washing products made by P&G. I placed a poster between the washing powders on the shelf and scattered leaflets around and in between the boxes. I then went to the shampoo section and strew leaflets around between shampoo bottles and placed the Hurtful Essence poster under the base of the bottles of shampoo. I can only hope that a lot of people saw the posters and leaflets that day and made them think twice. It was a very busy Saturday and a lot of people were milling around.”

Chris in Manchester: “I contacted Manchester Animal Action and joined them for the day as they had a bountiful supply of materials. It went really well, handed out loads of leaflets and was well received. We were situated outside the big Boots store on the main Market Street.”

Boycott P&G Day Brighton

Animal Rights Cambridge held a great event in the city and managed to attract local media coverage.

Boycott P&G Day EdinburghThanks also to Derby Animal Rights, Bournemouth and Poole Animal Aid, Milton Keynes Vegetarians & Vegans in Newport Pagnell, Hella, Helen and friends in Brighton, Sheffield Animal Friends, Catherine and Leeds Animal Protection, Jerry and Jemma in Gloucester, Cynthia in Kettering, Sharon, Martin and colleagues in Exeter, Wendy and Lorraine in Ludlow, Shropshire, Becky in Bedfordshire, Debra in Guildford, Swindon Vegetarians and Animal Concern, Angie in Seaford, Debbie and Cornwall SAFE in Falmouth, Zoe in Loughborough, Ruth in Swansea, Jenny in Hampshire, Pat in Southampton, David and ‘Animals in Need’ in Woking, Margaret in Southend, Pamela in Motherwell, Tracey in Congleton, Julian in New Malden, Philip in Stratford, Bethany in Kings Lynn, David in Wellingborough, Daphne in Winchester, Beccy in Milton Keynes, Katrina in Bristol, Sara in Hastings, David in Oxford, Sally and Animal Aid Wales in Portmadog, Margaret in Islington, Terry in Poulton-le-Fylde, Chelsea in Girvan, Dean in Weston-Super-Mare.

Internationally, we’ve received the following news:

Naomi reports: “I'm from Nijmegen (The Netherlands) and here we've got an animal rights group named Respect voor Dieren (respect for animals). For the Global Boycott P&G Day we collected signatures autographs against P&G in the centre of Nijmegen. We have contacted a local big animaltesting-free store and they gave us permission to use their store to get signatures from shoppers and for the promotion of animaltesting-free products.”

Boycott P&G Day Zagreb, Croatia
Zagreb, Croatia

The group Stop Specizmu (‘Stop Speciesism’ in English) translated the campaign leaflets into Croatian. Mariana told us about their flashmob protest in the Croatian capital of Zagreb: “We handed out a lot of flyers and we also had a big banner where we listed those companies that test on animals and we told people to boycott them. All in all, it was very sucessful because a lot of people got informed.”

Boycott P&G Day Tel Aviv, Israel
Tel-Aviv, Israel

Adi from the Israeli Society for the Abolition of Vivisection said: “A few dozen people took part in the street protest against P&G, which was held in the centre of Tel-Aviv on May 13th 2011, organised by The Israeli Society for the Abolition of Vivisection and Behind Closed Doors. The title of the street happening was ‘Exposing P&G's Dirty Laundry’. White sheets and some rabbit patterns were hung across the boulevard and covered with ‘blood’ poured from P&G product bottles. More than 500 leaflets calling the public to boycott P&G were distributed, and many people stopped to show their support.”
Picture credit: Josh Liberty/ IAmVeg.org.il

Thanks also to the SMART group in Michigan USA and Ashley and the Animal Allies of Western New York for taking part.

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Uncaged 1993-2012: This is the archived website of Uncaged. All information correct at the time of archiving - November 2012.