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White rats waiting to be experimented onGLOBAL CAMPAIGN NETWORK SET TO CALL FOR ANIMAL RIGHTS

Animal rights advocates across the planet are all set to mark the 12th International Animal Rights Day on and around the 10 December with approximately 100 different events, including candlelit vigils to remember the billions of animals across the world who suffer in testing laboratories, factory farming and other abusive practices.

This inspiring global day of action, led by Uncaged since 1998, will make a powerful case for international recognition for animals’ basic rights to be protected from torture and murder.

So far, events are scheduled at the following UK locations: Reading, Enfield, Wandsworth, West Wickham (Kent), Cheshire, Truro, Leeds, Belton (Leics, outside Harlan), Hastings, Scarborough, Huntingdon (outside HLS), Newton Abbott, Plymouth, Exeter, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Sheffield, Cambridge, Stoke, Liverpool, Bristol, Newcastle, Cardiff, Chesterfield, Wickham, Hampshire (outside the vivisection lab) and Southampton. Many more people are having displays at work or college, or distributing campaign literature door-to-door in their local communities.

Internationally, campaigners from the following countries are uniting for animal rights: Ireland, Italy (many different cities), Canada, USA, Sweden (towns across the country), Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Spain (many cities), Croatia, France (about 30 different events), Luxembourg, Germany, the Czech Republic and South Africa.

Our new animal rights leafletWe are having a fantastic response to our inspirational new animal rights leaflet. Uncaged urges our colleagues in the animal rights movement to take the opportunity to promote our cause with this highly effective campaign literature. With IARD, Uncaged and fellow animal rights advocates are performing the vital role of pushing the irresistible case for animal rights. Growing understanding and acceptance of this fundamental ethic provides more fertile ground for all animal rights campaigns.

Our friends in Brazil have just sent us a report of their great IARD action which they carried out in SÃO PAULO last Sunday. Pictures are at pets.webshots.com/album/575817843uEUIwi. With their message and demo outside McDonald’s, they made the very pertinent point that cattle farming, particularly in deforested areas of the Amazon, is causing devastation to the atmosphere through greenhouse gas emissions. It is becoming more and more evident that abusing our brethren in the animal kingdom is damaging to our species’ wellbeing, making people more open to the animal rights message.

Before I go I just wanted to let you know about the East Midlands Vegan Festival at the Council House in Nottingham City Centre this Saturday. Uncaged will be having a stall and I’ll be giving a talk at 2pm, where I’ll be applying some of the political science expertise I gained through my groundbreaking PhD research to the question of how we can advance animal rights most effectively. I hope you can make it and support a great regional event which is helping to build a more vibrant cruelty-free culture!

Dr Dan Lyons, Uncaged Campaigns 08.12.09


Uncaged 1993-2012: This is the archived website of Uncaged. All information correct at the time of archiving - November 2012.