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Hundreds of rabbits are poisoned and killed for new cosmetics by Procter & GambleHERBAL ESSENCES' FALSE ALIBI REVEALED

Firstly, thank you to everyone who has shown their opposition to Herbal Essences' cruel animal testing. Since the New Year we've been doing some research and planning to help the boycott campaign continue to grow throughout 2009. The success of the campaign so far bodes well.

One of the most revealing aspects of Herbal Essences' behaviour is their lack of openness and honesty about their animal testing. They know that most people are disgusted by gratuitous cruelty to animals. But instead of changing their ways, Herbal Essences try to mislead consumers. We've now uncovered a glaring example of their deceit.

We launched the campaign last July when we revealed that Herbal Essences have poisoned and killed over a thousand mothers and their baby animals to re-test a chemical already in use by humans for decades (butylparaben). With a damaged reputation and collapsing sales, Herbal Essences tried to play the blame game and claimed that they did the test at the request of European regulators.

However, Uncaged can now reveal that this is just more deceptive spin from Herbal Essences' increasingly desperate PR department. We lodged a freedom of information request with the European Commission (EC) for any evidence of a request to Herbal Essences or any other cosmetics company for more test data on butylparaben. The earliest document disclosed was from 2005. But the animal test was written up and published in 2004!

We also asked P&G, Herbal Essences' parent company, for any documents to substantiate their excuses. They refused. Instead, their PR spokeswoman repeated the claim that the test was conducted at the request of the EC's 'Scientific Committee on Consumer Products'. But this Committee didn't even come into existence until autumn 2004, several months after the animal test took place.

This incident is just typical of how, in reality, Herbal Essences treat both animals and the public with utter contempt. It seems both arrogant and short-sighted for Herbal Essences to feed the public bare-faced lies about such an important issue as animal testing. It's about time Herbal Essences showed some respect and stopped insulting people's intelligence. Though you have to wonder whether a company so deeply committed to gratuitous cruelty is capable of behaving responsibly and honestly.

That's why it's so important that the law forces these companies to be transparent about their animal testing practices. Please click here to lobby your MP to sign Early Day Motion 137 which calls on the Government to publish details of the animal testing behind cosmetics products.

Uncaged Campaigns 09.02.09


Uncaged 1993-2012: This is the archived website of Uncaged. All information correct at the time of archiving - November 2012.