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Hurtful Essences in York
The Hurtful Essences tour visits York.
Hurtful Essences interview
Minster FM interviewing the public in York about the campaign.
Hurtful Essences in York
Dave and Reggie the rats.
Herbal Essences poster
The 'Yes, Yes, Yes... No' Hurtful Essences poster.

York enthusiastic in dumping 'Hurtful Essences'

The revelation that 'Hurtful Essences' poison and kill pregnant animals and their unborn babies continues to inspire widespread revulsion at the brand, firing optimism that pressure will force them to stop animal testing.

Last week, we stepped up our relentless campaign against Herbal Essences' animal testing with two more successful events in Sheffield and, for the first time, in the historic city of York.

York was very enthusiastic about the campaign, helped by some great media coverage from Minster FM and the local daily paper, The Press. York City Councillor Paul Blanchard lent his support, saying:

"I congratulate the team at Uncaged for raising awareness of this appalling going-on. When consumers are made aware of these issues, the vast majority of them act on their consciences, which can only be a good thing. The irony is, we don't want people to stop buying their chosen beauty products, we just want them to stop the needless and horrific cruelty to animals, but it seems that the only way to do this if for consumers to act. The Hurtful Essences tour is very welcome in York, which has a proud record of being progressive on animal welfare issues, being the first council in the UK to restrict the sale of foie gras."

More 'Chemical Cocktail' than 'Herbal Essences'

Local hairdressers are backing the boycott by recommending that customers shun 'Hurtful Essences'. Many people who pledged to boycott the brand reported adverse reactions such as skin rashes, while others have commented on how it leaves hair in bad condition because it strips away the natural oils. This is not surprising - a glimpse at the list of ingredients suggests that 'Chemical Cocktail' would be a more honest name than 'Herbal Essences'.

Meanwhile, Uncaged has continued to create shockwaves at the epicentre of the campaign in Sheffield. We've distributed tens of thousands of 'Hurtful Essences' leaflets direct to people's homes, backed up by media coverage about the campaign in the local press. With more inventive publicity ideas in the pipeline, Sheffield is truly witnessing the 'Full Monty' of campaigns!

Surely 'Desperate Housewives' can't be that desperate!?

Just like 'Hurtful Essences', the plot of Desperate Housewives involves dark, sinister secrets lurking behind a blissful façade. This probably wasn't the association that Procter & Gamble wanted to emphasise when they shelled out an estimated £2m for Herbal Essences to sponsor the Channel 4 series.

But it is now.

Outrage is growing as viewers feel sick and distraught that a previously respected and trusted programme is in fact promoting horrific and gratuitous animal cruelty.

(13.11.08 Breaking News - Herbal Essences are no longer sponsors of Desperate Housewives!)

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Uncaged 1993-2012: This is the archived website of Uncaged. All information correct at the time of archiving - November 2012.