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Uncaged 1993-2012: This is the archived website of Uncaged. All information correct at the time of archiving - November 2012.

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West says 'No!' to Hurtful Essences

Hurtful Essences campaign in CardiffOnce again, we've enjoyed an immense public response to our 'Boycott Herbal Essences' campaign in South Wales and South West England last week.

We've reached thousands of people in the major city centres of Cardiff, Swansea, Bristol and Plymouth, giving them the information they need to ensure they're not paying for Herbal Essences' cruel and unnecessary animal testing.

It's certainly been an exhausting and challenging time, but the overwhelming response we've been receiving has been truly amazing. It confirms the fact that most people are disgusted by the fact that over a thousand animals were poisoned and killed to test Herbal Essences. And that death toll is the tip of the iceberg. Herbal Essences and their maker, Procter & Gamble, admit to routinely poisoning animals with shampoo ingredients, but won't come clean about the details.

Hurtful Essences campaign in DarlingtonPeople were angry and felt that they had been deceived by the company into buying products that they would never have bought had they known the truth.

We've also spread the word to hundreds of thousands more people through regional media, particularly through several radio interviews, including BBC Radio Cardiff, Original and GWR in Bristol, Plymouth Sound and BBC Radio Devon.

Check out the latest photos in the campaign launch tour album on our Hurtful Essences facebook page - you don't need to sign up to Facebook to view these. We've also got the following video of the Cardiff event in our posted items and on Youtube.

With widespread public support for the campaign, you can really make a difference for animals by spreading the word to your friends and contacts.

Signing up to the Herbal Essences Boycott in BristolBy signing up to Facebook and becoming a fan of our 'Hurtful Essences' page you can network with like-minded people and help spread the word about the campaign - the secret to its success. People are extremely grateful for being told the truth about Herbal Essences', so they can boycott the brand until they stop testing on animals.

This week, we're continuing the campaign in East Anglia - Norwich on Tuesday 22 July and Ipswich on 23 July.

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Uncaged 1993-2012: This is the archived website of Uncaged. All information correct at the time of archiving - November 2012.