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Outside the recruitment fair
Outside the recruitment fair.
In front of P&G's stall
In front of P&G's stall.
A student explains that P&G test on animals
A student explains that P&G test on animals.

Sheffield students target P&G at graduate fair

Last week, students at the Sheffield Universities Careers Fair confronted Procter & Gamble about their animal testing.

Members of Sheffield Animal Friends (SAF) unfurled a banner in front of the company's stall, reading 'Procter & Gamble poison animals'. They also gave out leaflets to students, informing them about the cruelty behind P&G's corporate facade.

The protest was witnessed by hundreds of students on the day, and made the front page of Sheffield University's newspaper, the Forge Press.

Sheffield Animal Friends have targeted P&G in the past, conducting demonstrations around the city for the annual Boycott P&G Day and joining in with Uncaged's campaign against the shampoo Herbal Essences. A member stated that:

"Procter & Gamble are notorious for testing on animals for products as trivial as shampoo and washing-up liquid. They hide behind a wall of PR and spin, knowing full well that the majority of people oppose animal testing for consumer goods. We visited the careers fair to tell students the truth about P&G's animal tests, and we won't stop campaigning until P&G stop experimenting on innocent animals."

The protest against P&G was part of a concerted effort to raise awareness of the unethical practices of graduate recruiters, and occurred alongside protests against companies with poor records on the environment and workers' rights. A coalition of activist groups stated their opposition to the use of the university as a space where multinational companies "can promote themselves as attractive future employers for Sheffield students without being held to account for their records". The recent wave of student activism in Sheffield has been mirrored elsewhere, with recent protests at careers fairs in Manchester, Nottingham and St Andrews.

If you would like P&G campaign materials to distribute where you are, please email Uncaged at info@uncaged.co.uk or call on 0114 283 1155. Alternatively, you can download leaflets, posters and petitions in 11 different languages at www.boycottpandg.co.uk/download.asp

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Uncaged 1993-2012: This is the archived website of Uncaged. All information correct at the time of archiving - November 2012.