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Global Boycott Procter & Gamble Day 2008 a MASSIVE Success
P&G protest in Barcelona, Spain

Now in its 12th year, Global Boycott P&G Day (Sat. 17th May) saw record numbers of participants and participating countries - all with the message 'Boycott P&G - animal testing cruelty!'

There were almost 250 separate events worldwide. Once again, the UK led the way with over 100 events. From Cornwall to Aberdeen, there were: displays and petitions in shops, leafleting in town centres and high streets, campaign stalls, and protests both outside and inside supermarkets.

Boycott P&G protest in Sao Paulo, Brazil

We saw more and more giant rabbits and other animals hitting the streets and supermarkets determined to inform shoppers about the cruel testing conducted on their smaller relatives. Coupled with some imaginative stunts and street theatre, our big furry friends drew both the crowds and the local media.

In addition to the increased participation of the giant animal activists, more and more groups and individuals took the message directly to shoppers inside supermarkets - either with unmissable protests, or by filling trolleys with P&G products, plastering with posters etc. and abandoning them in a prominent position (Animal Rights Cambridge did this with several trolleys and then padlocked them together!).

P&G protest in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

Giant animals, stunts and in-store supermarket actions were also very popular across the world. There were over 100 actions in 30 different countries, including: Ireland, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Greece, Russia, Nigeria, South Africa, Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Venezuela, Peru, Chile, Columbia, Argentina, and Brazil.

Leuven in Belgium, Equanima supermarket protest logo, Lincoln in the UK

New Zealand saw an excellent expansion of the Day of Action, with our friends at SAFE (Save Animals From Exploitation) co-ordinating events in 8 cities. The protests received national TV and radio coverage on Saturday night's 'Prime News' as well as Newstalk ZB radio station. Any media coverage is excellent - reaching tens of thousands of people. National TV coverage is fantastic - in this case reaching hundreds of thousands of people with our "Boycott P&G, shop cruelty-free" message.

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Whilst Sao Paulo, Brazil saw a large march through the city streets, and P&G's HQ in Caracas, Venezuela, was hit by another excellent demo.

Spanish group Equanimal have really stepped up the campaign. Not only did they hold a protest at P&G's HQ in Madrid, they have also built a Spanish language website dedicated to the Boycott P&G Campaign - and are calling on activists in Spain and beyond to conduct, record and upload videos of supermarket sweeps.

As of 26th May 2008, they had inspired an amazing 50 sweeps in 27 Spanish cities and several other countries, including: Romania, Peru, Mexico, Guatamala, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, and Australia. Equanimal are keeping an on-going record of sweep pictures at: www.flickr.com/photos/equanimal/sets/72157605228593280

Local coverage of the Exeter protest

Many of the actions described above were covered by regional and national media. And activists around the world also wrote letters to their newspapers - and to P&G themselves - about the Day and P&G's cruel animal testing. Our friends at US group In Defense of Animals (www.pandgkills.com) mobilised its contacts to write to the press and bombard P&G with letters, faxes and emails.

Photos and individual reports from all over the globe can be found at:

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More details about the campaign at www.uncaged.co.uk/pg.htm.

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Uncaged 1993-2012: This is the archived website of Uncaged. All information correct at the time of archiving - November 2012.