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International Animal Rights Day

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 Whaling menace highlights importance of Candlelit Procession for Animal Rights

With Japanese whalers setting off to persecute humpback whales, there has never been a more important time for people across the globe to join together to defend animals from such merciless brutality. At this crucial time, Uncaged's Candlelit Procession for Animal Rights in London on Sunday 9 December is providing fresh impetus to the international movement. Please join us in speaking out for animal rights.

The Candlelit Procession in London is the centrepiece of this year's International Animal Rights Day (IARD), which is now commemorated annually on or around 10th December. This innovative and positive event is inspiring new activists in the UK as well as campaigners across the globe. Animal advocates from Germany, Ireland, Belgium, Italy, Spain and Croatia are showing amazing support by travelling to London for the Candlelit Procession.

International Solidarity

Uncaged will also be promoting international animal rights solidarity by broadcasting video messages of support from campaigners across the globe via a giant TV screen. Canadian group Animal Liberties say:

"In support of International Animal Rights Day, and in solidarity with Uncaged and all the participating animal rights groups around the world, we'll be holding a candlelit vigil in downtown Montreal to remember all the animals who have suffered and died at the hands of humans."

Famous poet Benjamin Zephaniah, who is a patron of Uncaged, has also recorded a message of support:

"Animals cannot speak for themselves, so we must speak for them. Stand firm - think of the animals - remember why we do this."

Putting Animals into Politics

Uncaged launched IARD back in 1998, with the aim of promoting informed public debate and building global recognition of the Universal Declaration of Animal Rights. In pursuit of that mission, the goals of the Candlelit Procession in Central London on Sunday 9 December 2007 are:

  • to remember the billions of innocent animals who have endured outrages like factory farming and animal testing
  • to peacefully demonstrate the strength of public support for animal rights
  • to call for deep political changes so that recognition of animals interests' is institutionalised in government.

Event Details

We will be assembling at 2.30pm at Lincoln's Inn Fields in Holborn, Central London (WC2) for speeches and testimonials from animal rights activists around the world broadcast on a giant TV screen. (Click here for a map for Lincoln's Inn Fields). We will then move off at 4pm through Central London with the giant TV screen showing a positive animal rights presentation bringing up the rear of the procession, finishing just beyond the Houses of Parliament.

  • Please bring candles and lanterns!
  • We do not have permission to have placards and banners, nor loud-hailers, drums etc., so please do not bring any. It will be dark so they won't be seen well anyway, and the Big TV at the rear of the procession will be a very powerful tool for publicising our animal rights message.

If you can't get to the London Procession, please hold a vigil, stall or protest in your local area. Click here for details.

Uncaged Campaigns 23.11.07


Uncaged 1993-2012: This is the archived website of Uncaged. All information correct at the time of archiving - November 2012.