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Dan Lyons in front of the Boycott P&G PostaVan

Global Boycott Procter & Gamble Day XI

"I'm glad to hear that this year had the most international participants! It's getting bigger every year, which is fantastic!"
Bridget, Animal Rights Campaign Halifax (ARCH), Canada

Tens of thousands of people around the world took part in the annual international Day of Action on Saturday 19th May 2007 to inform the public that P&G's animal testing results in the routine poisoning and death of animals to develop cosmetics, cleaning products, and even their 'pet' foods Iams/Eukanuba. Many thanks to everyone who participated in and promoted the Day of Action!

In the week leading up to P&G Day our huge Boycott P&G PostaVan toured England and Wales, and stopped for 2 days each in the cities of York, Leicester and Cardiff. It is estimated that the PostaVan is seen by 80,000 a day when being driven around city centres. When parked bang in the middle York, Leicester and Cardiff shoppers and tourists couldn't miss it! The presence of the PostaVan, with a stall and giant rabbits ensured some good radio and print media coverage about P&G's cruel animal testing.

Animal Rights Action Network in Dublin

Over 100 events took place in every corner of the UK - including leafleting, town centre campaign stalls and events, and information and protest events at supermarkets. Supermarket actions were particularly popular this year, as campaigners heeded our call to take the message directly to consumers at the 'point of sale.' Over 25,000 leaflets and wallet cards were distributed; and even more people were reached by way news reports and letters in regional media about the events and P&G's animal testing policies.

Many reports we received echoed the sentiments of Benjamin from Rainham, Essex:

"I got a really positive response from shoppers... I was so enthused by the response that I would like to do this more regularly. Whatever happens next I am sure that we have certainly got the message out and people are responding. Together we can consign animal experiments to history!"

Team photo of Mexican protestors, from AnimaNaturalis Mexico

There were 45 events in cities spanning the globe from Sydney to Stockholm - with 25 nations represented (an increase of 8 from last year). Countries taking part for the first time include Sweden, Peru, Venezuela, Chile, India and Hong Kong.

In the USA there were events in 8 cities from coast to coast - many co-ordinated by our friends at Stop Animal Exploitation Now (SAEN). There were also events in Ireland, Switzerland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg, Malta, Croatia, Slovenia, Russia, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Many took advantage of our downloadable campaign materials in several languages at www.boycottpandg.co.uk/download.asp.

It's fantastic to see the Day of Action growing, especially with new countries taking part! Around the world activists are uniting - wherever they are - to protest against P&G's animal testing and inform the public about the importance of cruelty-free shopping and how it can radically change the plight of so many animals.

"We all felt good for doing the stall and went home very tired but happy that we had at least made the effort and made more people aware of the obscenities that P&G perpetrate on animals. Thanks for all that you do at Uncaged, because without you none of us animal rights campaigners would know the realities of these horrors and therefore could not fight for changes."
Yvonne, Solihull Animal Aid, UK

"It was awesome...a huge success!!"
Kat Mcafee, Coalition for Action in the Interest of Animals (CAIA), New Jersey, USA

Click here for our PHOTO GALLERY from Global Boycott P&G Day 2007.

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Uncaged 1993-2012: This is the archived website of Uncaged. All information correct at the time of archiving - November 2012.