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Uncaged protest outside P&G HQ Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Global Boycott Procter & Gamble Day X

Saturday 20th May 2006 marked the tenth anniversary of the annual Day of Action, and saw actions in towns and cities across the world.

For this anniversary, Uncaged embarked on a series of sensational publicity events to create a massive buzz around the campaign. We kicked off by projecting the stark message - 'PROCTER & GAMBLE TEST ON ANIMALS' - in 15ft high letters across the world-famous, iconic 'Angel of the North' sculpture on Tyneside, North-East England, where the company's 'Global Business Services Centre' is located. The massive slogan was unmissable for miles around.

We followed up with the unveiling of two stunning mobile billboards which toured Britain for a week, taking in busy cities such as London, Manchester and Newcastle, and reaching hundreds of thousands of consumers with the Boycott P&G message.


In 2006 over 130 separate 'Boycott P&G' events took place across the UK, and a further 35 (at least) in nations spanning the world - including the USA, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Israel, Croatia, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, South Africa and many more - as campaigners alerted the international community to P&G's animal testing practices. This annual Day of Action has grown in size every year since its inception 10 years ago. In 2006 it was the biggest yet, and the largest Day of Action of its type in the world!


Uncaged's 10th Global Day of Action against Procter & Gamble's animal testing was a hugely inspirational event, with thousands of campaigners around the world helping to spread the "Boycott P&G" message to millions more people.

The campaign is rapidly growing following Uncaged's exposure of yet more cruel and lethal animal tests by P&G and a series of imaginative publicity events. Our inquiries have revealed that P&G continue to subject thousands of innocent animals to tests for trivial products, and are pushing to carry out more tests, where:

  • detergents are rubbed into raw skin
  • animals are forced to breath in huge quantities of tiny particles in tests for make-up ingredients
  • new chemicals for cosmetics are injected down animals' windpipes
  • animals are genetically mutated so they suffer lung damage in further test for 'biological' washing powders
  • animals die of thirst and shock due to a lack of basic care in laboratories

This appalling evidence of brutality and greed has motivated compassionate consumers to stand up for animals by boycotting P&G products such as Ariel, Daz, Fairy, Max Factor, Olay, Pantene Pro-V, Herbal Essences, and Head and Shoulders. Every pound, dollar and euro that P&G lose puts more pressure on them to stop their wanton cruelty.


The Day of Action saw a record number of Boycott campaigns. With over 130 separate events, ranging from protests, campaign stalls, leafleting, supermarket protests and more, all across the UK.

There were several events across the USA (co-ordinated by our friends at Stop Animal Exploitation Now), France (organised by International Campaigns), New Zealand (organised by Save Animals From Exploitation - SAFE), and Australia. There were also events, including some imaginative and attention grabbing street theatre, in: Ireland, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Israel, Croatia, Russia, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, and South Africa.

Activists in Croatia created some imaginative props in order to get their message home in the centre of the capital, Zagreb.

Activists in Zagreb, Croatia

Meanwhile, in Belgium, activists from BiteBack dressed as lab animals and a vivisector got into the grounds of P&G's HQ in Strombeek-Bever, Brussels, and displayed banners against the vivisection policy of P&G in front of the buildings. The national Belgian wire service, a national newspaper, and the website of the Dutch political organisation Party for the Animals covered the demo; and Marianne of BiteBack did an interview for Belgian Radio 2.

Tens of thousands of Boycott P&G leaflets were distributed globally, including over 40,000 in every corner of the UK and Ireland. The Boycott P&G carrier bags have been particularly popular with over 5,500 of the bags distributed up to and on P&G Day - and demand for them continues to grow. We now have an army of compassionate shoppers using these bags in supermarkets and shops across the UK alerting other shoppers to the Boycott P&G message. Most importantly many actions were reported or previewed in local media ensuring that thousands more people discovered the unsavoury truth about P&G's cruel animal testing.

Supermarket protest in Manchester

Over 100 letter-writing packs were sent out to supporters and activists, containing sample letters to send to P&G, organisations that support or promote P&G (eg. the Kennel Club, Manchester Dogs Home, Guide Dogs for the Blind), and to the letters pages of newspapers, magazines, websites etc. The result was a great deal of free publicity for the Boycott P&G message when these letters were published, and increased pressure on offending organisations, and P&G, to do the right thing.

Press coverage of P&G Day X

We also had the Boycott P&G mobile billboards touring the country from 15th to 20th May - starting in Weybridge, Surrey before touring Surrey/South East London, spending two days in both Manchester, and Newcastle-upon-Tyne. The giant posters attracted a huge amount of attention and comment. We 'unveiled' the 'Ad Van', with the help of several giant bunnies, in Weybridge (where P&G have a HQ) and at P&G's sites in Manchester and Newcastle.

Boycott P&G mobile billboards toured the country

The unveilings attracted a great deal of radio and print media. We then had stalls and leafleting drives in these areas in order to maximise the impact of the Ad Van. It is estimated that 80,000 people see the Ad Van and it's message every day - meaning an amazing 480,000 saw the Boycott P&G posters over the leading up to (and including) Global Boycott P&G Day X.

Many thanks to Kaye Wotherspoon who helped publicise the AdVan in Surrey at the start of the tour; and also to John Brown and Stockport Animal Defenders, who conducted the stalls and leafleting in Manchester City Centre after the unveiling.

John Brown and Stockport Animal Defenders

Dozens of animal rights, animal protection and animal welfare websites, personal 'Blog' sites, and online forums all over the world helped to publicise the Day of Action. Uncaged articles, opinion pieces, lists of products, photos of our Angel of the North protest, and our website banners were posted on sites in a multitude of languages.

On the Boycott section of urban75 website the Global Boycott P&G campaign climbed to Number 3 in their top boycott chart (only behind Esso and Shell - but above the huge Nestle boycott and boycott Nike campaigns!).

Thank you to everyone who helped to make this the biggest and best Global Boycott P&G Day yet.


Activists in Bournemouth & Louise of Manchester Animal Protection arranged a series of supermarket protests in several stores in Bournemouth and Manchester, respectively.

Supermarket protests took place in Bournemouth and Manchester

There were dozens of campaign stalls taking place across the UK, like Rosie and Gera Collins & Herne Bay Animal Rights in Canterbury. Many were helped by animal costumes and props, such as the stall organised by Jan Yarker of Passive Pressure in Bromley, Kent.

P&G Day stalls in Canterbury and Brpmley

More animal costumes and props from Martin Fox and Sharon Howe of Exeter Friends For Animals in Exeter, Devon.

Exeter Friends For Animals in Exeter, Devon

Most of the stalls had a great response from the public, like Georgina Peacock & Barbara Croston's (with help from Anna, Gail and daughter, Roy, Pat, and Alison) in Weston-Super-Mare. However, several campaigners had to brave some atrocious weather, like Kerry Lewis in Wolverhampton. Some campaigners, like Sue May & Bradford Animal Rights in Hebden Bridge went on a big leaflet drop after the weather put paid to plans for a stall.

Stalls in Weston-Super-Mare and Wolverhampton

New Zealand animal rights group SAFE organised protests in Auckland,
Wellington and Hamilton. Massive clothes-lines were strung up in the town centres and P&G's 'dirty washing' was hung up in public for all to see.

Campaigners from SAFE in Auckland, New Zealand

Lena Maroueva and Russian groups VITA staged very eye-catching protests in front of P&G's offices in Moscow.

VITA protests in front of P&G's Moscow office

VITA protest outside P&G's offices in Moscow, Russia.

VITA protests in front of P&G's Moscow office

West Lothian Animal Rights conducted a Boycott P&G stall a week later, after atrocious weather on 20 May forced them off the streets of Edinburgh. There was also a Boycott P&G event in Northern Ireland. In Swindon 'Bunny Girls' Nicky and Anish helped Swindon Animal Concern's Boycott P&G Day event make the local newspapers.

Boycott P&G Events in Edinburgh, Northern Ireland and Swindon

Lancaster Animal Rights Group held a very successful stall in Lancaster

Lancaster Animal Rights Group stall in Lancaster

Against Animal Cruelty Tasmania (Australia) had an information table at the local market in Hobart. Members handed out P&G flyers and Preferred Product Lists through the market.

Against Animal Cruelty Tasmania information table in Hobart, Australia

Animal Rights Collective of Halifax (Nova Scotia, Canada) reported: 'On the day, four of us dressed as lab animals (dog, cat, bunny and mouse), one as a P&G vivisector, and the five of us performed a "debate". The "P&G vivisector" tried to fool the audience with false claims while the "animals" challenged her with the facts about P&G, embarrassing the "vivisector" and educating our audience as to the brutality and deception of P&G. It was well-received, with many people showing interest and quite a few encouraging remarks and applause. We performed our skit continuously for two hours whilst two more ARCH members were in charge of our information table offering literature on P&G and compassionate shopping alternatives.'

Animal Rights Collective of Halifax (Nova Scotia, Canada)

Thank you to everyone who helped to make this the biggest and best Global Boycott P&G Day yet.

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Uncaged 1993-2012: This is the archived website of Uncaged. All information correct at the time of archiving - November 2012.