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No way Olay!

Uncaged protest outside P&G HQ

global action against Procter & Gamble animal cruelty

On Friday 20 May 2005, Uncaged continued the long-standing peaceful protests against animal testing by international consumer products giant Procter & Gamble (P&G), whose brands include Olay, Ariel, Bold and IAMS pet food.

A delegation from Uncaged dressed as animals to present a mass petition to P&G bosses at their British HQ in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. A further 25,000 consumers from across Britain have pledged to 'vote with their purses' by boycotting Procter & Gamble products, bringing the total figure to at least 300,000. The demonstration attracted widespread regional media coverage, spreading the 'Boycott P&G!' message to hundreds of thousands more people.

Uncaged protest outside P&G HQ

The protest kicked off the ninth annual 'Global Boycott Procter & Gamble Day', spearheaded by Uncaged. Over 80 'Boycott P&G' events took place across Britain and a further 40 in nations spanning the world - including Canada, the United States, New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Italy, Israel and many more - as campaigners alerted the international community to P&G's animal testing practices.

Dan Lyons, Uncaged Campaigns Director, explains:

"The aim of the campaign is to apply financial pressure to P&G to persuade them to stop animal tests. We're pushing at an open door here in that the vast majority of the public are opposed to the kind of cruelty committed by P&G. Once people are informed, they're eager to boycott P&G because they don't want to pay for gratuitous animal suffering, and they can see that hundreds of companies make similar products without resorting to cruel testing methods. We estimate that P&G are losing at least £12 million worth of custom every year in Britain alone."

UK Actions

On the day itself Uncaged staged a large information event with more animal costumes outside a supermarket in Sheffield City Centre. Hundreds of leaflets were distributed.

Uncaged protest in Sheffield

Many people held protests and leafletted at supermarkets, actions ranged in size from a single person handing out leaflets to a large group leafletting, holding placards and banners and wearing animal costumes. Tens of thousands of leaflets were distributed to consumers virtually at the 'point of sale,' and several events were reported in local media.

Carol, Brenda & Evonne protested at Tesco, Sainsbury's and ASDA in Dunstable, Herts. Carol wore a dog costume and sign stating 'Dog Tired of Animal Experiments,' and told us: "Most people took leaflets, and Brenda and I chatted to many people, the vast majority being positive. One lady came up to me, grabbed my hand and told me that I was 'very courageous,' which, although I beg to differ, was really encouraging. When it rained we decided to window-shop in the P&G section and left some informative leaflets prominently placed."

Sue from Bradford Animals Rights Group reported: "We went to ASDA at Pudsey - a massive store on two floors - and split into groups, filled trolleys full of P&G products, and left them in the isles with leaflets and posters attached. Some of us then dressed as rabbits and proceeded to hand out anti P&G leaflets. People were very responsive, agreed with the campaign, and were happy to show us that they did not buy P&G products."

Bradford Animal Rights Group

Gail Woolfenden from Cornwall commented: "We had torrential rain and thunder all day but Debbs got a lot of people to act on boycotting. Debbs even had a big box of Burns samples to give out. She invited P&G to Safeway, where we started, and Sainsburys, but they didn't reply! I was interviewed by Plymouth Sound radio."


There were dozens of Boycott P&G campaign stalls across the UK distributing information about the campaign, and raising both signatures on the Boycott P&G pledge sheets, and funds for the campaign. Many used our news release template, and got media coverage before and after their stalls.

P&G protests around the UK

Louise and Jeeve had a great array of props to draw attention to their stall. The use of balloons in particular looks very good. Louise: "We raised £105 and filled 4 sides of the P&G petition. We made sure Huddersfield was well informed about P&G's cruel animal-testing!"

Louise and Jeeve's stall in Huddersfield

Géra & Rosie of Herne Bay & Whistable Animal Rights Group had large group of helpers to inform the people of Canterbury about P&G's practices.

Whistable Animal Rights Group

Jan Yarker and members of Passive Pressure Animal Welfare Group, had a stall and leafletting in Bromley High Street - with the help of their giant dog and rabbit!

The Passive Pressure Animal Welfare Group


We sent out dozens of P&G Day letter writing packs to all corners of the UK, and beyond - a great way to get involved if you can't get to an event. The result was that organisations who promote and defend P&G - such as the Kennel Club and the Guide Dogs for the Blind - were put under a period of sustained pressure from the public.

Let's hope it has the same effect that previous letter-writing campaigns have had with those who take P&G's blood money! Many used our template letters to write to their regional media, with a great deal of publishing success - thus reaching tens of thousands of people.

Protests in the UK and the USA

Global Actions

There were at least 40 actions across the world, plus a great deal of letter-writing and web-publicising. These included: United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Italy, Israel, and Croatia.


There was a string of protests across the USA, many inspired and co-ordinated by our friends at Stop Animal Exploitation Now; and also by In Defense of Animals.

There was a protest at P&G's manufacturing plant in Phoenix, Arizona; and Boston Animal Defense League organised a protest at the offices of Gillette in Boston, Massachussetts, (P&G are buying out Gillette). There were shopping centre and supermarket protests and leafleting in: Royal Oaks, Michigan; Birmingham, Alabama; San Diego, California; Denver, Colorado; Iowa City, Iowa; Austin, Texas; Balitimore, Maryland; and New York City.

Tara Naylor of the New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance organised a string of 8 protests in towns across the state of New Jersey.


Marianne Huiberts and BiteBack used their imagination for a 'Desperate Housewives' protest! "Our demo went very well. 10 activists, some dressed as 'Desperate Housewives' and as Sally the Beagle, our mascot, stood in front of the huge head office of P&G in Brussels. With our megaphone and whistles we got the attention of everyone. The news about our demo was picked up by media and several well-watched animal websites both in Belgium and Holland! Keep us informed about P&G. We're planning more demos against them."

Biteback's Desperate Housewives protest


Campaigners entered the HQ of P&G in Tel-Aviv and refused to leave, paralysing activity in the offices. Simultaneously, there was a protest outside with posters and banners and leafletting. Eventually the police removed the protesters, who were released without charge after a few hours. Check out their website at: www.onestruggle.org

Campaigners in Israel


In Zagreb, Animal Friends Croatia followed up recent anti-P&G events with a large and very striking Boycott P&G stall and distribution of hundreds of leaflets.

Animal Friends Croatia

Republic of Ireland

"17 members of the Alliance For Animal Rights (AFAR) and the Irish Anti-Vivisection Society (IAVS) gathered in Dublin, to distribute leaflets and inform the general public about P&G. Most were shocked when they realised how many products made by animal-testers P&G would normally end up in their shopping baskets, and said they would boycott them." - Rupert Leith

Campaigning in Ireland

The next annual global boycott P&G day is: SATURDAY 20TH MAY 2006

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Uncaged 1993-2012: This is the archived website of Uncaged. All information correct at the time of archiving - November 2012.