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Protesting outside IAMS/P&G HQ in WeybridgeGLOBAL BOYCOTT P&G DAY VIII

Saturday 22nd May 2004 saw a record number of events taking place in the UK and around the world in united protest against Procter & Gamble's cruel animal testing practices.

There were over 130 actions across the globe, including 90 in Britain alone - from the North of Scotland to the South West corner of Cornwall.

There was also very good media coverage of the many protests at P&G sites and supermarkets, town-centre and summer fayre campaign stalls, and of the day in general - thereby spreading the Boycott P&G and 'cruelty-free' message to hundreds of thousands of consumers.

Newcastle Animal Rights Coalition got a great article in the local pressBut you don't need to stand outside and protest in order to play an active role in the Boycott P&G campaign. The Boycott P&G message was spread by posters, leaflets and word of mouth at schools/colleges, workplaces, public libraries and other public areas. It circled the world via countless animal protection and news websites, email lists and newsgroups. One campaigner, Nathalie, sent information from our websites to all 2000 of her colleagues at an international investment bank located in Luxembourg, and printed off the posters and leaflets from our website to display in the hall.

Many thanks to everyone who made Global Boycott P&G Day VIII the best yet by organising their own actions, or by attending those organised by Uncaged and other groups - we appreciate all your efforts.


There were several 'flagship demos' that took place on Friday 21 May:

P&G protest at IAMS/P&G offices in Surrey
Uncaged and PETA protest at IAMS/P&G Weybridge, Surrey.

IAMS/P&G Offices Weybridge, Surrey:
Uncaged & PETA jointly organised the protest at IAMS/P&G's site in Weybridge. Human 'cats and dogs' in prisoner suits were rammed into cages to demonstrate the life of animals in IAMS' 'care', whilst banners and posters made it perfectly clear to the media what the protest was about. Video footage was shown so they could see and hear the plight of IAMS/P&G's 'research associates' in graphic detail.

Syngenta Laboratories, Cheshire:
Meanwhile, Uncaged also organised a protest at Syngenta near Wilmslow in Cheshire, in protest at the crude 'sex-change' operations conducted for P&G there. A great turnout from campaigners in the North West ensured a very effective protest, which also included human sized rabbits, cats and dogs, and even a Grim Reaper! The exposé of the 'sex-change' tests and protest attracted national TV news interest, and was covered by the regional media.

Campaigners outside Syngenta
Uncaged and activists from across the North West at Syngenta Labs, Cheshire.

P&G Offices, Harrogate:
A massive 40-foot banner sprayed with 'Proctor and Gamble Kill Animals' was displayed and was the main point of interest for the press photographers. Leaflets were distributed, and a P&G representative was presented with Uncaged leaflets and documents detailing how testing can be achieved without using animals.

P&G Offices, Bournemouth:
Don and Karen of Dorset Animal Action organised a large protest at P&G's South Coast site from 2pm right through to 10pm at night - with the addition of vegan BBQ, music and finishing with a candlelit vigil.

On Global Boycott P&G Day itself, Uncaged had tables, banners and people in animal costumes to press the message home outside Sainsbury's in Sheffield City Centre.

P&G protest in Sheffield
Uncaged Campaigns and supporters outside a supermarket in Sheffield city centre.


Nearly 50 Boycott P&G campaign stalls took place across the UK in town centres, High Streets, and outside town centre supermarkets - distributing thousands of leaflets, getting thousands of signatures on Boycott P&G Pledges and raising vital funds to support the campaign.

Regional media coverage was ensured by an imaginative array of props and costumes, such as animal costumes - including Scooby Doo and Bugs Bunny! - wearable P&G products, banners, and stuffed toy animals in cages. Exeter Friends for Animals had their very own 'Queens of Clean' Kim and Naggie, who asked Proctor Gamble and the public "How clean is your house?" and "Is your conscience whiter than white?"

Exeter Friends for Animals boycott P&G stall
Exeter Friends for Animals 'Queens of Clean'.

Many people have echoed the thoughts of Justina of Bedford Animal Action, who said: "the response on the stall was very good, a lot of people were really shocked to find out how wide a range of products P&G produce."


Dozens of groups protested, distributed leaflets and had campaign stalls outside supermarkets and 'pet' supply stores and other retail outlets. These take the message directly to the consumer at the crucial 'point of sale.' People from all over the capital joined London Animal Action for a large demonstration at Tesco in Covent Garden, distributing over 2000 leaflets.

Several groups had a 'tour' of supermarkets in their area, for example, in Dunstable Carol Hart, Brenda, Jan and Maria toured their P&G protest (with a fantastic beagle costume) to Tesco, Sainsburys, Pets at Home and Asda. Carol reports: "it was heartening to meet so many people who told us that they already avoided animal-tested products or were appalled that they had been buying them."

This year, several groups and activists conducted protests inside supermarkets, often after protesting outside and before moving onto the next supermarket. Joyce undertook several trolley sweeps at two Tescos, a Waitrose and Boots in her hometown of Cirencester, Gloucestershire. She filled the trolleys with P&G brands and then "festooned them with posters and leaflets", before abandoning them in the aisles for all to see.

Action for Animals P&G boycott in Durham
Action For Animals protest in County Durham.


As in previous years, the Day of Action was again truly international. There were over 40 Boycott P&G events in 16 different countries across the world. Below is a taster of what went on around the world.

In the USA there were over 32 events - many of which were organised by our friends at In Defense of Animals. Tara Naylor distributed Boycott P&G leaflets and 'cruelty free' guides at about ten stores throughout the state of New Jersey, reporting "Good responses too, hopefully people will alter their buying habits."

New Zealand:
Save Animals From Exploitation (SAFE) organised a 'Clothesline of Shame' against P&G, whose 'dirty laundry' was publicly exposed in central Auckland and Christchurch. SAFE had 'blood' splattered sheets on specially erected clothes lines displaying messages against Procter & Gamble's animal testing.

Bite Back protest at IAMS HQ in Belgium
Roof top demo at IAMS HQ in Belgium by Bite Back.

Bite Back conducted a daring rooftop demo at the Belgian HQ of IAMS/Eukanuba in the city of Gent a few days before the Day of Action. Marianne told us: "It was a great demo! Benjamin and an activist in a dog costume and banner managed to get on the roof, and stood there for 1 hour until the Police arrived - who were very cooperative (we were not arrested). The stunt gained excellent media coverage, including local TV (working together with VTM national news), the big local paper 'The Gentenaar,' the Belgium wire service and some photographers. The rooftop demo was subsequently featured on Belgian TV show AVS (Oostvlaamse TV)." On the 22nd Bite Back conducted a follow-up protest in Gent town centre.

Bite Back protest at IAMS HQ Belgium
Bite Back protesters outside IAMS HQ in Belgium.

Eric from International Campaigns reports "Animal rights activists held information stalls, including a portable TV showing footage of PETA's undercover video of IAMS' tests, for more than 4 hours in front of La Sorbonne University, Paris centre - a busy place surrounded by several vivisection sites (Ecole de Médecine, Collège de France, Institut Curie and Jussieu University). Hundreds of leaflets were distributed, cruelty-free product samples were available for the public, and petitions were raised."

Boycott P&G information stall in Paris
Boycott P&G Day information stall in Paris.

Rosely Bastos of Frente Brasileira para Aboliçào da Vivissecção (FBAV) told us: "FBAV activists protested at Barra Shopping Center in Rio de Janeiro, armed with many posters and leaflets exposing P&G's cruel animal testing policies. Many members of the public came and asked for information and to see the posters displaying images of vivisection. We also went to Ipanema and Copacabana to leaflet."

The Association for Liberation of Animals and Their Rights (ALAR) distributed Slovenian Boycott P&G leaflets around many towns and cities throughout Slovenia.

Slovenian Boycott P&G leaflet
Slovenian Boycott P&G leaflet.

Activist Damjan Likar reports "the best thing was that radio stations and newspapers reported on our actions, and also generated pressure upon two of the largest pharmaceutical company in Slovenia, both of which test on animals. Our experience with the public who received leaflets was that many of them didn't previously know about the background of P&G products as regards animal testing. Some of them immediately said that in the future they would not buy Procter & Gamble products."

There were also Boycott P&G actions in: Eire, Switzerland, Mexico, Argentina, Australia, South Korea, the Philippines, Israel and Luxembourg. No matter which country and which language, the message was always the same:

"Boycott Procter & Gamble - if you buy P&G products you might as well be holding the knife yourself."

P&G protest in West Wickham
Jan Yarker, Scooby and friends in West Wickham town centre.

Global Boycott Procter & Gamble Day IX will be on Saturday 21st May 2005 - mark the date in your diary!

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Uncaged 1993-2012: This is the archived website of Uncaged. All information correct at the time of archiving - November 2012.