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Credit: Organ FarmUncaged today (24 February 2004) have responded once again to a biased and inaccurate editorial in the Daily Telegraph.

We are truly sickened by the refusal of certain sections of the media to cover vivisection issues in balanced way.

Will they publish our response? Don't hold your breath...

Letters to the Editor
Daily Telegraph

24 February 2004

Dear Sir

The opinion piece today (24 February 2004) "Animal wrongs" misrepresents the circumstances surrounding Cambridge University's decision not to press ahead with plans for a primate brain research centre. John Prescott did not overrule the local council - he overruled the independent Planning Inspector's denial of permission following a public inquiry, which had investigated whether the severe vivisection planned for the establishment was scientifically justified and in the national interest. Cambridge University and Prescott were facing a court battle over the perverse decision to overrule the Planning Inspector, and the University had claimed at the Public Inquiry that security fears were not a major issue. Furthermore, the licensing of brain experiments at Cambridge is currently the subject of a judical review following revelations of unpunished law-breaking.

To portray the affair as a battle between 'zealots' and infallible scientists is not only a silly, gross distortion, but it undermines the reasoned public debate which, presumably, the Telegraph would encourage. The wider point is that is not surprising that activists should take the law into their own hands when faced with the abuse of power that the Government and biotechnology industry indulge in. With the Government deliberately failing to enforce even the limited protection offered by the regulatory structure, they are hardly in a position to point an accusing finger at others who disregard the law. Almost three million animals are deliberately subjected to painful and lethal experiments in the UK every year. In comparison to this systematic brutality, any aggressive response from activists is infinitesimal.

Yours sincerely,

Dan Lyons
Director, Uncaged Campaigns

Uncaged Campaigns 24.02.04


Uncaged 1993-2012: This is the archived website of Uncaged. All information correct at the time of archiving - November 2012.