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Many thanks to everyone who participated and made this a massive Day of Action with over 100 separate actions all over the world. And thanks to everyone who raised valuable funds in support of the campaign.

Campaigners outside P&G offices
Campaigners outside P&G headquarters.

Boycott P&G Day is crucial in intensifying the pressure on the animal testing company. As more people become aware of their despicable practices and boycott their products, P&G are really feeling the heat.

Friday 23rd May 2003

On the eve of Global Boycott Procter & Gamble Day VII, Uncaged Campaigns & Newcastle Animal Rights amongst others (thank you!) staged a protest at P&G's UK headquarters in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Everyone donned animal costumes and carried banners proclaiming outrage that P&G persists in poisoning and killing untold thousands of animals every year in cruel and unnecessary tests for its new products and chemical ingredients.

After posing for pictures for regional media coverage, the animals marched up to the doors of P&G UK to deliver over 25,000 signatures from members of the public who have pledged to boycott P&G products until they cease testing on animals. This brings to 275,000 the total of signatures handed in to P&G from members of the British public promising never to buy P&G again unless they change their cruel and cynical practices - costing P&G millions of pounds a year in lost revenue in the UK alone.

Saturday 24th May 2003

On Global Boycott P&G Day VII itself, Uncaged Campaigns staged a large protest and information event outside Sainsbury's supermarket in Sheffield City Centre. The Moor shopping precinct was taken over by more human-sized animals, several tables and large Boycott P&G and Iams banners and posters.

The animals distributed hundreds of information leaflets about P&G's animal testing to shoppers - many of whom also signed the boycott P&G pledges.

The day was a great success in terms of educating the Sheffield public, and attracting local radio, newspaper and TV coverage. An interview with Campaigns Director, Dan Lyons, was featured on radio news bulletins throughout the day, and there was a feature on the protest on primetime Independent TV News. The importance of attracting media coverage should not be underestimated, since it reaches so more people with the vitally important message:

"If you buy P&G products, you might as well be holding the vivisector's knife yourself"

P&G Day across the UK

There were over 80 Boycott P&G events that took place in every corner of the UK - from Aberdeen to Exeter.

Campaigners in Dunstable
Supermarket protest in Dunstable.

P&G sites and supermarket protests

Noisy, visual protests were held at P&G's brand new offices in Harrogate, and also at their site in Thurrock, Essex. These are important in terms of keeping P&G under pressure. We would like more next time!

Many groups also staged very effective and visual protests and information events outside - and inside! - major supermarkets. This is a deeply effective way of targeting the message about cruelty-free products directly at consumers at the vital 'point-of-sale'; and also attracting local media coverage - especially if you have a human-sized beagle on hand! There were several supermarket protests.

"Fran and Sheila stayed and had an excellent response from the public who were horrified at the contents of the leaflets and many said they bought Tesco's own brand rather than P&G. The others moved onto Sainsburys and were joined by a human sized beagle. We had a very good response and some donations from the public. The beagle joined the shoppers inside the store for a photo shoot and leafleting inside the store. Doesn't AR campaigning get surreal sometimes!? It was good to see people walking into the shop with leaflets and others taking them from us. We were there for about 20-30 minutes leafleting before we were asked to leave. We gave out leaflets outside for a while, including to the by then off-duty security guard who said how much he supported what we were doing and he thought the experiments were terrible."

Carol Hart, Fran, Coral & Sheila et. al., Dunstable

Town centre protests & information stalls

Many groups held Boycott P&G town centre information stalls to distribute information about P&G's animal testing, and how to begin to shop ethically. From the many reports we've received, these appear to have been very well received by a general public eager not to fund a company that conducts such cruel animal testing.

Several groups reported their Boycott P&G Day stall to be the most well received ever!

"As usual, people were very shocked and surprised to hear about the testing on animals and horrified that they had been unwittingly supporting it. Many shoppers said they would join the boycott."

Julie, Coventry Animal Alliance

The information about horrific tests conducted by P&G's 'pet' food subsidiary, Iams/Eukanuba, appears to have been particularly shocking to town centre shoppers. Many vowed never to buy it again. Some promised to send back their remaining packets to this callous company and tell everyone they know to join the boycott.

"One woman was horrified about IAMS/Eukanuba and spent an hour in the pet food aisle of Safeway putting folk off it! I did the same myself in Asda tonight... word is spreading and spreading well."

Linda, West Lothian Animal Rights

There were also reports of local businesses, boarding kennels, veterinary practices and 'pet' supplies shops that were boycotting Iams/Eukanuba, and even displaying anti-Iams posters and leaflets. These places probably would not have heard about the practices of Iams/Eukanuba and P&G were it not for the impact of days of action like these. However, outlets like 'Pets At Home' are still promoting IAMS, and so their shops were targeted by several groups.

Actions across the world

In addition, there were over twenty events taking place across the world, including France, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Brazil, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand. There were protests in several American states co-ordinated by our friends at US group In Defense of Animals (IDA).

These actions included: leafleting and protests at supermarkets; town-centre information stalls; information stalls on the beach in Rio de Janeiro(!); letter-writing blitzes; a P&G section of a pacifist march (in Paris, France); and other demonstrations.

In New Zealand, there was a particularly effective protest:

"We spent a several hours in downtown Auckland City dressed in large 'stock' boxes, which had real images of P&G products on them (Pantene, Clairol, Oil of Olay etc.) together with slogans ('Pantene Blinds Bunnies') & horrid testing pictures. We wore bunny ears, & sported 'bloodied' eyes. But also, on our backs, we wore 'petitions' inviting people to sign their support against P&G's cruelty.

"Between Auckland & Christchurch we got over 1000 signatures in a relatively short space of time. On the Monday morning, we visited P&G's NZ Office with our boxes to protest. We have also done several supermarket actions."

Fiona (Save Animals From Exploitation, Auckland, NZ)

The future

Many thanks to everyone who participated in Global Boycott Procter & Gamble Day VII. This day of action would not be the success it is without your help, whether it be letter-writing, holding a Boycott P&G information stall, or protests at P&G sites and supermarkets.

Through days of action, anti-P&G protests at events around the country, exposés, constant bad publicity for the company, year-round campaigning and well-informed argument, we are hitting P&G where it hurts - in the pocket.

We will continue to do this while P&G continues its appalling corporate cruelty. We hope you will continue to do the same! Please oppose P&G and Iams wherever and whenever you can, and continue to raise petitions, pump out the Boycott P&G message on stalls, and help fund this campaign.

Click here for details of what you can do on Global Boycott P&G Day

We look forward to your participation in Global Boycott Procter & Gamble Day VIII, which is pencilled in for Saturday 22nd May 2004 - please put this date in your diary!

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Uncaged 1993-2012: This is the archived website of Uncaged. All information correct at the time of archiving - November 2012.