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Saturday 24th May 2003

The campaign against the "world's worst" animal-tester just keeps on growing!

On Saturday 24 May, a hundred protests around the world will be urging consumers to prevent cruelty by avoiding Procter & Gamble products such as Olay, Clairol, Sunny Delight and IAMS while the company continues to test on animals.

The date marks the seventh successive international day of action organised by leading animal protection group Uncaged Campaigns.

International demonstrations are growing against painful poisoning tests carried out by the U.S.-based corporation in the development of its new consumer products. Procter & Gamble have been targeted because activists regard the company as the 'world's worst offender' for animal testing. The Sheffield-based campaigners have inspired new protests as far a field as the Czech Republic, New Zealand and Brazil and are aiming to work with more activists dedicated to preventing cruelty.

In the UK alone, over a quarter of a million people have signed the group's pledge to boycott Procter & Gamble products, costing the company millions of pounds in revenue every year. The campaign is inexorably growing into one of the country's largest ethical boycotts.

Uncaged Campaigns are also fiercely critical of Procter & Gamble's statements regarding their animal testing policy, describing them as "evasive" and "misleading". A leaked document revealed the corporation had been secretly lobbying to frustrate hugely popular demands for a European-wide ban on animal testing for cosmetics. P&G are also the subject of a major investigation by the Advertising Standards Authority following revelations of cruelty to cats and dogs in research for its IAMS pet food brand that contradict claims made by the company.

Dan Lyons, the campaign group's director, explains:

"Our mission is to represent the innocent victims of P&G's greed. Animals suffer and die in crude and unreliable tests performed by P&G for the sake of "new, improved" cosmetics and toiletries, and paid for by consumers of their products. The public increasingly understand that if they buy Procter & Gamble brands, they might as well be wielding the knife themselves.

"Many other companies produce superb like-for-like products without resorting to the cruel practices indulged in by Procter & Gamble. Behind their efforts to mislead consumers, the awful truth remains: P&G poisons and mutilates animals for trivial products because they believe it will boost their profits."

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Uncaged 1993-2012: This is the archived website of Uncaged. All information correct at the time of archiving - November 2012.