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News Release


Demonstrating with banners, posters and a 6 foot dogUncaged Campaigns held a successful educational protest at IAMS' sponsorship of yesterday's (12th May 2002) fundraising dog walk in aid of the Manchester Dogs Home (MDH).

Aided by banners, posters and a six foot 'dog' that proved a particular hit with children, activists distributed hundreds of leaflets outlining horrific animal testing conducted by IAMS and its parent company Procter & Gamble (P&G).

Despite receiving detailed evidence of IAMS and P&G's cruelty to dogs and other animals, MDH have repeatedly ignored our representations over a six month period. However, MDH's conduct at the sponsored walk plumbed new depths.

Participants in the sponsored dog walk informed us that MDH supplied volunteers to work for and promote IAMS at the event. These volunteers had clearly been briefed to misinform the public about IAMS cruelty. We heard cynical lies familiar from other events such as "the experiments were conducted eleven years ago". MDH volunteers on the IAMS stall were also making inaccurate and insulting remarks about Uncaged Campaigns - again, these echoed dirty PR tactics employed by IAMS at Crufts earlier this year. MDH even sent out volunteers to divert walkers away from our information stall.

"MDH's behaviour has left a really bad taste in the mouth.

"In our press releases and tannoy announcements on the day, we made it crystal clear that we support the work of the Home and we urged walkers to raise as much money for the Home as possible. We were even acting as stewards for the event by directing dozens of lost members of the public to the registration point for the walk. In response, MDH have behaved in a dishonest and malicious way at the behest of IAMS. They seemed to put more effort into defending IAMS than anything else.

"Given the bizarre stance of the Home, we have serious concerns about the ethics of Manchester Dogs Home's commercial relationship with IAMS. Organisations such as the RSPCA and Battersea Dogs Home have ostracised IAMS, acknowledging that IAMS' PR is economical with the truth and that our campaign is well-researched and well-founded. It's strange, to say the least, that MDH have adopted a diametrically opposite position."

Dan Lyons, Director, Uncaged Campaigns

Uncaged Campaigns is dedicated to tackling cruelty to animals and educating the public about animal experimentation. When MDH is promoting a company that vivisects animals, it might as well be holding the knife itself. Should MDH continue to promote cruelty to animals by misleading the public and promoting IAMS, next year's protest will be much larger.

We will be seeking an urgent meeting with the trustees of MDH and we are considering a complaint to the Charities Commission regarding the Home's relationship with IAMS and P&G.


Following the demo, Uncaged received the following email:

"I took part in the sponsored walk on sunday at Debdale park. I was so pleased that you were there to pass on your information. I had no idea what has been going on with regard P&G. I just wanted you to know that your hard work is being noted. I was horrified when I learnt the truth and taken by surprise. I love animals, which was why I joined in the walk but I can`t understand MDH. Could you not get in touch with one of the cruelty free dog food people you have listed and ask them to sponsor MDH in the future? I really don't know how it all works. I`m changing my dogs food, he was on Proplan by Purina but I`m going to put him on one of the foods you listed in your leaflet. Also I`ve brought it to the attention of our dog club, so word is getting round and my home will be P&G free. Keep up your good work and god bless you all."

A concerned animal lover

Call to Action

  • Contact Brian Railton at Manchester Dogs Home to complain about their promotion of IAMS - email webmaster@dogshome.net, phone 0161 205 7136/2205, or write to Brian Railton, Manchester Dogs Home, Crofter's House, Moss Brook Road, Church Lane, Harpurhey, Manchester, M9 5PG.
  • Write letters of protest to the Manchester Evening News - email

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Uncaged 1993-2012: This is the archived website of Uncaged. All information correct at the time of archiving - November 2012.