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News Release

Iams award pays tribute to cruel scientist

'Pet' food manufacturer IAMS is sponsoring a new award for 'Achievements in animal biology'.

It has been named after James E Corbin; a vivisector at the University of Illinois who has spent 50 years conducting painful and lethal experiments on animals to develop commercial 'pet' foods. Dr Corbin is known as the 'father of the modern pet food industry'.

Investigations by Uncaged Campaigns have uncovered published studies which reveal that Dr Corbin has been involved in hideously cruel experiments on animals:

  • Force-feeding dogs which resulted in muscle tremors, vomiting and frothing around the mouth.
  • Six week old English Pointer puppies were fed a zinc deficient diet resulting in lesions, hair loss, frothing at the mouth, eye discharge, ulcerations and blisters.
  • Mice, hamsters, rabbits, dogs and pigs were involved in a lethal poisoning experiment to establish how quickly they would die. The animals suffered from bloody diarrhoea, kidney and liver damage and were seen vomiting and shaking before dying. Tissue samples were also obtained from healthy animals for comparison. Pointer dogs were shot in the head and then had their blood drained. Mice, hamsters and rabbits were killed by a blow to the head.
  • Twenty-four female beagle dogs were overfed and starved respectively to estimate body fat. All were killed and their bodies were drained of blood and passed through a carcass grinder.
  • Sixteen kittens were fed a deficient diet resulting in eye damage. Blood was then drawn by puncturing the heart. They were then gassed.
  • Domestic kittens were subjected to ammonia intoxication. They began to vomit and displayed severe lethargy within 4 hours.

The IAMS Company, owned by controversial firm Procter and Gamble was exposed in May 2001 in the Sunday Express following revelations from Uncaged Campaigns that they funded cruel and deadly animal research to develop their 'pet' foods (read the article here). In a global campaign, Uncaged Campaigns are urging 'pet owners' to boycott IAMS until they stop laboratory research on animals.

Dan Lyons from Uncaged Campaigns says;

"This award sponsored by IAMS is indicative of its supportive attitude to painful, invasive and deadly laboratory experiments on animals. It is sad that an award for achievements in animal biology should be named after a man who has routinely caused immense pain and suffering for countless numbers of animals throughout his long career."

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Uncaged 1993-2012: This is the archived website of Uncaged. All information correct at the time of archiving - November 2012.