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Uncaged hound IAMS at Crufts 2002

Uncaged campaign at Crufts 2002At the biggest national dog event of the year Uncaged Campaigns once more challenged pet food giant IAMS with a four day demonstration outside Crufts.

Complete with posters, banners and resident dog impersonator we set up a large information stand outside the main entrance and distributed hundreds of anti-IAMS leaflets as visitors entered the show.

We received a brilliant response from a large number of Crufts visitors over the four day event, informing concerned dog 'owners' about the suffering IAMS have caused with their cruel and often deadly nutrition experiments conducted on cats, dogs and other animals, and were delighted to be joined by a number of our supporters on each day of the event - a big thank you to those who braved the windy weather to give us your support!

We collected almost a thousand signatures on our petition calling upon The Kennel Club (who run Crufts) to stop accepting sponsorship money from the IAMS pet food company and to disallow them from attending Crufts next year.

The Kennel Club's promotion of IAMS is a shocking betrayal of dogs. For an organisation pertaining to be concerned for the welfare of dogs to be receiving funding from a company that have systematically exploited dogs in painful and lethal research is indicative of the hypocrisy that Uncaged Campaigns face in our battle against the pet food giant.

We collected almost 1,000 signatures on our petitionWe presented our petition on the final day of the event to Phil Buckley, External Affairs Manager of The Kennel Club, and hope that this will finally persuade them to reconsider their position and do the right thing by severing their ties with IAMS.

Our campaign to stop IAMS' cruel tests on animals has been boosted with support from stars such as Joanna Lumley, Annie Lennox and Sean Hughes. Battersea Dogs Home has also promised not to promote IAMS in the future and our latest revelation that IAMS issued inaccurate animal testing policy statements to the RSPCA has prompted the national animal welfare organisation to halt their promotion of IAMS products.

  • For copies of the Uncaged Campaigns report into IAMS' vivisection programmes please send £5.00 (inc. p&p) to Uncaged Campaigns at the address below.
  • Please write to the Kennel Club and let them know how you feel about their continued alliance with IAMS. Write to Phil Buckley, External Affairs Manager, The Kennel Club, 1-5 Clarges Street, Piccadilly, London, W1J 8AB. Email pbuckley@the-kennel-club.org.uk.

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Uncaged 1993-2012: This is the archived website of Uncaged. All information correct at the time of archiving - November 2012.