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The Sixth Annual Global Boycott Procter & Gamble Day took place on Saturday 25th May 2002. Over 80 different protest events occurred, stretching from Dundee to Exeter in the UK, and involving campaigners in Brazil, Canada, USA, Mexico, New Zealand and the Czech Republic.

Boycotting P&G in Brighton Boycotting P&G in Prague Boycotting P&G in Slough Boycotting P&G in Brighton Boycotting P&G in Prague

The global consumer boycott of Procter & Gamble (P&G) is being spearheaded by Sheffield, England-based group Uncaged Campaigns, together with In Defense of Animals in the USA. In one of the largest anti-vivisection protests in the world, demonstrations took place in town centres, at supermarkets and at P&G establishments.

The Day of Action is part of an ongoing mass protest against cruel tests performed on monkeys, cats, dogs and other animals by P&G and its subsidiaries such as the pet food brand IAMS:

  • Working from figures supplied by P&G to the US Government, our conservative estimate of P&G's slaughter is 30,000 animals every year.
  • An undercover investigation exposed the killing of 48 monkeys in a nasal decongestant test. One monkey was autopsied before it is dead.
  • Animals used to test corrosive ingredients in Max Factor and Olay products.
  • P&G remain committed to poisoning and killing animals to test new cosmetic and toiletry ingredients. Such tests are banned in the UK, but P&G performs the tests abroad for products sold in the UK.
  • IAMS have killed cats and dogs in laboratory research for pet food. Animals have been given lethal kidney damage and severe allergies. Story broken on front page of Sunday Express.

Director of Uncaged Campaigns, Dan Lyons, explains the impact of the campaign:

"Hundreds of thousands of UK consumers have signed our pledge to Boycott Procter & Gamble until they stop their cruel tests on innocent animals. We estimate that our campaign is costing P&G over ten million pounds a year in the UK alone."

"Our campaign is fundamentally educational. Most people simply don't realise that famous brands such as Fairy, Ariel and Head & Shoulders are made by a corporation that vivisects defenceless animals for the sake of "whiter whites" and "younger-looking skin". Once they are aware, we find the huge majority want nothing to do with this cruel company. PEOPLE KNOW THAT IF THEY BUY P&G PRODUCTS, THEY MIGHT AS WELL BE HOLDING THE KNIFE THEMSELVES."

Here are some reports and pictures of 2002's Global Boycott Procter & Gamble Day we have received so far (please send us a report and pictures of your protest):

Coverage in The StarSheffield, England

In their home city, the leaders of the Boycott P&G movement, Uncaged Campaigns, took to the street outside the Sainsbury's store on The Moor.

With the aid of banners, posters, a six-foot dog and a megaphone, thousands of consumers were alerted to P&G's cruelty. Media coverage was gained in the regional daily newspaper, The Star, which has a circulation of approx. 100,000.

Guildford, England

Sainsbury's was again the venue for an intense protest in the town centre. Almost a thousand of our new design 'Procter & Gamble Test on Animals' were distributed to shoppers eager to find out more about P&G vivisection practices.

Ipswich, England

We made our own posters that had slogans like: 'pringles-once they pop the cruelty don't stop'. We also got our own leaflets printed that had the names of products to boycott and gave them out. On the whole, we got a good response and we even saw another animal rights group. It was an excellent morning.

Berkshire Animal Rights Group set up stall in SloughSlough, England

We set up a street information stall in Slough's Queensmere shopping centre at about 9.30am. Our main aim was to be as colourful & approachable as possible, in order to catch peoples attention as they passed, and then if they wanted more information they would hopefully feel at ease coming to speak to us.

This plan did seem to work for us too, as our professional posters did catch people's eyes, and our friendly volunteers rattling the money tins were kept well occupied in the talking stakes!

The general response from the public, when informed of P&G's sustained animal testing policy was extremely heartening, we collected nearly 100 signatures on your P&G boycott pledge as well as raising nearly £200! Many people were appalled to find that their shampoo or washing powder was still being tested on animals. One woman in particular told me I'd enlightened her and that she would never buy from P&G again, she could not thank me enough. Similarly when informed about Iams, people were in disbelief that dogs & cats could be subjected to painful & intrusive procedures in the name of pet food research!

Woolwich, England

Luckily the rain held off and it was mostly bright and sunny, although a bit breezy. Lots of interest from people, particularly about Iams, and we distributed all the P&G 'Always Testing' leaflets we had.

Brighton Animal Rights Group outside SainsburysBrighton, England

The day started in Brighton at 1 o'clock with members of Brighton Animal Rights Campaign descending upon the London Road branch of Sainsbury's. Many shoppers were shocked to hear about Procter & Gamble and many vowed never to use their products again. After several successful hours we finally ran out of leaflets, due to the sheer demand for information.

We hardly expected the dozen or more coppers, EG team & two riot vans that turned up to "police" us, but it certainly helped get us noticed.

Coventry, England

Our supermarket trolley sweep was done at Sainsbury's on Coventry town centre. There were six of us we had 5 trolleys and one basket which we loaded up to the top with as many of the products on your list as we could find - Bounty towels, Always, Pringles of course, Iams pet foods, Head and Shoulders, etc, but unfortunately couldn't find the Sunny Delight. We then went by the tills (without blocking the shoppers) popped the hand basket on the 'reduced' shelf and locked the 5 trolleys together retrieving our pound coins and asked to see the Manager. We told him why we wouldn't be buying the product... he was absolutely furious with us and told us we were banned from "his store". His security officer was very amused and as he escorted us out said he was a very small man.

Once out of the store we went to the front entrance and gave out leaflets to shoppers who were interested and generally supportive, until the manager finally realised where we were. We had noticed in the store that there were leaflets on a joint Sainsbury/Pringles promotion so took delight in pointing this out to shoppers.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Unfortunately we had a cloudy day (some rain also), and so it was difficult to take posters, etc. Nonetheless, some friends and I went to some supermarkets and other shops disseminating some leaflets against P&G and exposing vivisection. But in the near future we will stage another protest against vivisection and specially against P&G.

Activists in PraguePrague, Czech Republic

On the day before the global boycott, 15 activists gathered outside Tescos in Prague handing out leaflets about P&G products. The TV media and journalists were present.

On the day of the boycott itself, about 40 activists took part in a demo in front of P&G. People came with big banners, posters and placards.

The advantage was that the building is situated on a very busy Prague street. People were stopping and listening. We explained on the megaphone to everybody the reason why we were in front of this building, we exposed P&G's cruel experiments in vivisection labs and their lies. Bypassers were given leaflets and the demo gained the interest of the national TV and local press.

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Uncaged 1993-2012: This is the archived website of Uncaged. All information correct at the time of archiving - November 2012.