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International Animal Rights Day

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14th International Animal Rights Day (iard)
10th december 2011

IARD in Truro
Truro, England
IARD in Clydeside
Glasgow, Scotland
IARD in Enfield
Enfield, England
IARD in Stevenage
Stevenage, England
IARD in West Wickham
West Wickham, England
IARD in London Westminster
Westmister London, England
IARD in London Riverside
London Riverside, England
IARD in Church Stretton
Church Stretton, England
IARD in Cambridge
Cambridge, England
Edinburgh, Scotland
Edinburgh, Scotland
Dublin, Ireland
Dublin, Ireland
IARD in Georgia
Tblisi, Georgia
IARD in Italy
Pordenone, Italy
IARD in Madrid
Madrid, Spain

Compassionate Citizens Mark International Animal Rights Day 2011

Thousands of animal rights supporters across the world held candlelit vigils and other inspiring events to mark the 14th annual International Animal Rights Day on 10 December 2011. Ethical pioneers united to remember the billions of animals subjected to deliberate cruelty and killing across the world every year. This coordinated global day of action has intensified calls for the recognition of the rights of all sentient beings to life, liberty and natural enjoyment.

This day of action was initiated by Uncaged back in 1998 on the 50th anniversary of the UN’s ratification of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The goal of this historic campaign is to build on the recognition of human rights, and gather international support for the Universal Declaration of Animal Rights (UDAR).

It is fantastic to see this day of action develop its own momentum, with groups around the world taking the initiative to mark this pivotal day for the global animal protection movement. Here are reports of just a few of the events that took place around the world. Thank you to everyone who gave up their time to speak up for defenceless animals. We are planning to submit millions of signed declarations to the United Nations in the near future, to set the ball rolling on the enshrinement of animal rights.


UK Action

Dedicated group Cornwall SAFE held a brilliant all-night vigil outside Truro Cathedral to celebrate International Animal Rights Day, and also gained regional news coverage: "The candle-lit vigil went very well and we all enjoyed it along with the furry friends, mince pies, mulled wine and good company. We were very grateful to certain ones who aren't in our group, but came to support us and spoke up at the vigil on behalf of their animal sanctuaries etc."

Derby Animal Rights campaigners marched through a bitterly cold Derby city centre wearing only a sandwich board and their underwear in a protest against the use of animal fur for clothing. They got a great response with 500 people supporting the petition and extensive local media coverage.

Joyce reports from Glasgow: "Clydeside Animal Action went for the tried and tested leafletting and placard display against the turkey Christmas dinner. I got a huge poster of a distressed turkey and made up a placard with the wording '15 million turkeys slaughtered for Christmas Dinner - Season of peace and Goodwill or Season of animal carnage?' I chose an evangelical church situated right in the city centre at a very prominent, eye-catching position so thousands of people looked hard at our placards and we handed out hundreds of leaflets."

In Dunstable, Rebecca told us: "Despite a very cold day and a number of other groups in the town centre (Dunstable) doing charity collections and Christmas stalls, we had a really good response from animal lovers and supporters of Uncaged. People are still surprised to find out that animals are used in testing for cosmetics and household products as well as medical research. The overall response was very positive and people want to see an end to animals suffering in labs."

Rita in Enfield said: "Our small group held an uplifting Vigil on Saturday, particularly in that in just 2 hours 72 people signed the pledge and £36.45 was given in donations." Thanks also to Simone for organising the Lush gift soaps wich really helped attract people to the event.

In Brentwood, Essex, Southend Animal Aid held a Slaughterhouse Cruelty Awareness Day to gather support for the campaign for CCTV in all slaughterhouses. While in Southend they focussed on anti-fur campaigning, and delivered animal rights leaflets door-to-door in Stanford-le-Hope.

Meanwhile, in Stoke, campaigners held a stall and a yummy trip to The Big Strawberry, a new vegetarian cafe in Hanley, Stoke On Trent. Massive thanks to Cally Hill and friends for spreading the animal rights message in Plymouth on 10 December.

Marion contacted us about their superb work in Stevenage: "We met a lot of interesting people and hopefully we have changed a lot of people's minds". Exeter Friends for Animals marked IARD at their Christmas Without Cruelty Festival in the city.

Passive Pressure in West Wickham continued their sterling efforts for animals with another vigil outside Cancer Research UK to remember the innocent non-human victims of that research charity. CRUK fund the development of GM mice ‘cancer models’ who are genetically-engineered to fall ill with the terrible disease. Radical species differences mean these models bear little useful resemblance to human cancers.

In Leicester, Elizabeth kindly spread the word about animal rights among her friends and fellow churchgoers. Veggies promoted IARD at free vegan food events in Nottingham. London saw a number of actions, including anti-fur demos outside Harrods and at Westminster to mark IARD. These events were also held in memory of dedicated campaigner Roger Harris, who is very sadly missed. The group Animal Equality also held a protest at London Riverside in commemoration of IARD. They created crime scenes featuring the outlines of the victims of the speciesism, and called on passers-by to adopt a vegan lifestyle.

IARD also received fantastic support from campaigners right across the UK, including in: Church Stretton, Leeds, Edinburgh, Bideford, Chesterfield, Blaenau Ffestiniog, Scarborough, Cambridge, Northampton, Wickham labs at Gosport and Wellingborough.


International Action

Thank you to the Animal Rights Action Network in Ireland for supporting International Animal Rights Day with a great protest in Dublin against the killing of dogs in pounds. In Brazil, the group Holocausto Animal displayed an inspiring video in schools and distributed educational animal rights literature.

We were absolutely delighted that campaigners from the republic of Georgia in the Caucasus region were able to join us in solidarity for animal rights on IARD 2011. Tina Chavchanidze from the capital Tblisi told us:

"I am please to inform that the event organized by us went very well. The gathering was mostly dedicated to information sharing. Our organization, Animal Rights Committee of Georgia (ARC Georgia), presented its activities with particular focus on ongoing educational programs, which are achieving real success. Next was the presentation by the Homeless Pets Organization, who we work with in Tbilisi. Later, the representative of well known Georgian environmental NGO the Green Alternative briefed the meeting about the draft Hunting Law, which is submitted by the parliamentary committee for the approval, and may have a devastating effect on wildlife in Georgia. We agreed to unite efforts to try to block this proposal. The next presentation was delivered by a student who spoke about the current animal experimentation situation in Georgia. Lastly, a representative of the cruelty-free firm Weleda, the only business entity with such a profile in Georgia, informed us about the details of their conference and shared their animal protection policy.

We distributed your leaflets translated into Georgian and we consider that this is very important for the wider population. We plan to print and disseminate more in the future especially during our public events.

A smaller event was held in one of popular public club/café chains called ‘Luiteraturuli Café’, which is a popular gathering place for social interest groups and intellectuals. However, the meeting was very well attended and there was a very fruitful and lively discussion. We are encouraged with the attendance and interest and hope to establish a good tradition of holding IARD on this day every year

Once again many thanks for supporting us to commemorate 10 December in Georgia, which was another perfect opportunity to raise public awareness about the animal rights.”

Once again campaigners in Pordenone, Italy, joined us for IARD. Simone reported:

"Last Saturday we held a very nice performance in Pordenone for the IARD 2011. This year the two non profit animal rights organizations AFVG and Venus In Fur focused the audience’s attention on a naked girl in a sandwich. What's inside the sandwich? "A life" the activists' reply "it's just a different point of view. One is meat, the other too is meat. One is a being, the other as well is a being". Near the human maxisandwich we wrote MEAT = DEATH, CHOOSE NOT TO KILL. Another activist was finally dressed up like a monster in fur, because nowadays only a monster can wear someone else's skin. We also provide an information booth with leaflets and videos on animal rights issues."

Once again, the dynamic Spanish group Equanimal did fantastic work, this time with the organisation Animal Equality, to organise IARD events in Madrid, Rome, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Peru and Mexico.


Uncaged 1993-2012: This is the archived website of Uncaged. All information correct at the time of archiving - November 2012.