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International Animal Rights Day

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12th International Animal Rights Day (iard)
10th december 2009

IARD in Southampton, UK

At Lush in Southampton.

IARD in Truro, UK

SAFE in Truro, Cornwall.

IARD in Cape Town, South Africa
Beauty Without Cruelty in Cape Town, South Africa.
IARD in Luxembourg
Candlelit vigil at Un Piquet in Luxembourg.
IARD in Tel Aviv, Israel
Anonymous for Animal Rights in Tel Aviv, Israel.
IARD Ottawa, Canada
Ottawa, Canada.
IARD in Russia
VITA in Russia.
IARD in Italy
IARD in Italy
EticoEtica in Alessandria, Italy.
IARD in France
Lyon, France.

2nd dispatch

Here is our second wave of reports and images from around the globe chronicling the hugely successful International Animal Rights Day on 10 December 2009.

Our deepest thanks and admiration goes out to all those campaigners who have united to spread the message of compassion and non-violence to all sentient creatures.

The 3rd dispatch from Greece, Chile, Sweden and others will be here soon...


Staff at the Lush store in Southampton had a really successful day:

"Our campaigning for the IARD went really well! Thank-you again for sending us the campaign materials, we raised a lot of awareness of the day. We spoke to over 750 people in the shop and spent much of the day going around the city centre with leaflets (and giving out cruelty free bath bombs)."


In Truro, Cornwall group Save Animals from Exploitation (SAFE) staged a major vigil outside the city's cathedral in support of IARD, to raise awareness of the suffering caused to billions of animals by factory farming and animal experiments. SAFE highlighted how the consumption of animal products is destroying the environment, damaging human health, as well as causing untold suffering and death to animals. In the season of peace and goodwill, they asked the public to question the unnecessary sacrifice of millions of animals for Christmas dinners. With the support of the Lush store in Truro, SAFE used the vigil to advocate a meat-free diet and boycotting animal-testing companies. Click here to see local media coverage.


Thank you to Beauty Without Cruelty (South Africa) for holding a great animal rights demonstration in Cape Town, which attracted newspaper coverage.


Tania Fettes, an animal rights activist and pet behaviour counsellor, decided to organise a candlelit vigil in Luxembourg-City. She reports:

"We held the vigil at a very lively place called 'Um Piquet', because some Christmas Market stands were around and sold some hot spiced wine :-). Thank you to those people who braved the cold to accept followed our invitation to come and light a candle for the animals tortured by human hand. The association Galgo-Lovers was present as they do very often with their dogs.

"We distributed a lot of flyers and leaflets in English, French and German from uncaged to inform the passersby of our concerns and wishes and asking them to sign the Universal Declaration of Animal Rights. We were present in the local newspapers Luxemburger Wort and Le Quotidien."


In Israel, Anonymous for Animal Rights marked IARD with protests in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv to highlight the horrors of the industrial meat and egg industries. Click here to see their fantastic media coverage in the Jerusalem Post.


For the second year running we are truly humbled by the incredible efforts of our colleagues in Ottawa, Canada. Sue Manns told us:

"We live in the second coldest capital city in the world. It was 27 degrees below zero. Six people made it out that night - two more than last year. We stayed as long as our digits would allow us with out falling off - approx. an hour. We got a lot of horn tooting with many people getting off work saw our message. I thank my fellow friends and activists for braving the cold night to stand up for those who cannot speak our language."


The VITA Animal Rights Center in Russia have sent us a truly inspirational report:

"Our main activity has been the festival at the Centre for Ethical Ecology and the Cultural Development of Man which took place on December 10, 2009, on International Animal Rights Day (the event set up by Uncaged). Its program included several elements: giving awards to the winners of the contest "Ethical Gourmet", presentation of the poster on vegetarianism with Russian celebrity-vegan Olga Shelest, presentation of a new film on humane education, and awarding prizes to the Russian winners of the international contest Design Against Fur."

Photos of the event can be seen here and a full report on the festival can be seen here.


In Italy, the fantastic group AgireOra coordinated 22 events in 20 Italian cities for IARD, plus a further 46 door-to-door animal rights leafletting sessions in a further 31 cities, urging the public to behave with peace and goodwill to all sentient creatures during the festive season. Click here for their report, which is in Italian. To get an English translation (not great but you can get the gist of it), go to babelfish.yahoo.com and paste in the website address of the report.

Also in Italy, EticoEtica in Alessandria organised a public exhibition to mark International Animal Rights Day. Giancarlo tells us that it was a remarkable event that was highly effective in informing the public about animal rights!


Over 25 local actions coordinated by French animal rights group International Campaigns have been carried out in France from end of November till the 19th of December for IARD 09 - known as JIDA (Journée Internationale pour les Droits des Animaux) in France.

International Campaigns sent us this message:

"Among other specific actions a concert for animal rights and IARD was given on the 6th of December in Paris, movies (The Cove and Earthlings) were shown in Normandy, street information and awareness stalls were held in several cities and towns throughout France - with free vegan food and videos of animal abuse in Paris, Besançon and Normandy. Also a happening for animal rights was done in Toulouse as well as a few leafleting actions and UDAR petition signing in other towns.

"All in all, thousands of French IARD leaflets were handed over and made available to the French public and many UDAR signatures were collected. Lots of people everywhere have therefore been aware of fundamental animal rights. Moreover, hundreds of IARD A3 bills had been posted in several major cities and Paris area (public places and vegan restaurants) to announce IARD. Some French media relayed IARD 09 as well here."


Thank you to all the dedicated campaigners who are standing up for animal rights! For more information about the protests follow the links in this article, and you can see more photos and reports on our Flickr and Facebook pages!

Check back soon for our 3rd dispatch from Greece, Chile, Sweden and others...


Uncaged 1993-2012: This is the archived website of Uncaged. All information correct at the time of archiving - November 2012.